About Us

We are a group of individuals who live in and/or work for the Town of  Braintree that are committed to addressing substance use disorders within our community. Our members represent a variety of community  stakeholder groups, each led by an appointed Lead Stakeholder(s) member. The stakeholder groups, including their appointed Lead Stakeholder  representative(s), are as follows:

  • Business - Brian Leary, Liberty Bay Credit Union
  • Civic/Volunteer Groups - Lee Dingee, East Braintree Civics Association
  • Community Members - Kathi Wood
  • Faith/Fraternal Organizations - Jon Wilson, Life Community Church
  • Fire Department - Lt. Kevin MacAleese, Braintree Fire
  • Healthcare - Anita Young, Northeastern University School of Pharmacy
  • Local/State Government - Mary Kelley, Norfolk County Sheriff's Office
  • Other Substance Abuse Organizations - Vicky Ruvido, Learn to Cope
  • Parents - Julie Jacobs / Marci McDonough / Robyn Houston-Bean
  • Law Enforcement - Officer Ed Woo, Braintree Police
  • Schools - Jennifer Fay, Braintree Public Schools
  • Town Council - Councilor Shannon Hume
  • Youth - Michael Baumgartner, Braintree High School
  • Youth-serving Organizations - Roger Medeiros, Braintree Community Youth Center

All of our members are key partners in the development of a community-wide  response to this issue. Altogether, we strive to make Braintree a safer, stronger and healthier community.