Clothing & Textile

Clothing & Textile Brochure

There is a Textile Collection Box at the Residential Drop=Off Center at 257 Ivory Street. Textile recycling generates money for Braintree, saves money on disposal fees, helps the environment and also saves room in your cart! 95% of all textiles can be recycled or reused. Donate or recycle, don’t throw it in the trash.

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Acceptable Items

The following items are accepted as long as they are in good condition, clean, and dry:

  • Footwear - shoes, work and dress boots, sneakers, high heels, cleat, slippers, flip flops, sandals
  • Clothing - jerseys, sweaters, sweatshirts, tank tops, shorts, coats, suits, gowns, dresses, blazers, pants, jeans
  • Sweatpants skirts, undergarments, socks, slips, pajamas, bathrobes
  • Accessories - hats, belts, pocketbooks, gloves, duffle bags, ties, scarves, cloth tote bags
  • Linens - sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, drapes, dish and bath towels, tablecloths, small throw, rugs, placemats, napkins
  • Stuffed Animals - can be faded, torn, missing accessories (such as whiskers, noses, etc.)