Legal Notices for Public Hearings

Legal Notice

Town Council Order 21 016


 The Town Council of the Town of Braintree will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, APRIL 27, 2021 starting at 7:30PM at the Horace T. Cahill Auditorium at Town Hall, 1 JFK Memorial Drive, Braintree, MA OR via Zoom webinar According to the Town of Braintree's "Temporary Emergency Policy for Remote Participation under the Open Meeting Law Pursuant to Massachusetts Executive Order of March 12, 2020," the Town Council will meet fully remotely for the health and safety of Councilors and the public during the Massachusetts State of Emergency to consider the following authorizations in accordance with the Town Charter, Article 2, Section 2-9(c), Section 5-1 and/or Section 6-7:  21 016 – Mayor: Establishment of New Revolving Fund for Golf Food Services in FY21 or take up any action relative thereto.  That the Mayor be authorized to use a revolving fund in accordance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws chapter 44, section 53E1/2 that may be spent by the Mayor, in conjunction with the golf greens superintendent without further appropriation during the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2020, for the collection of fees, revenue and payments generated from food service operations at the golf course collected during fiscal year 2021 to pay for salaries, expenses and contractual services associated with the operation of the golf course food service operations. The Mayor may spend up to $450,000 in revolving fund monies during fiscal year 2021.

A full copy is on file and available for viewing at the Office of the Town Clerk during normal office hours and  Disclaimer: “This document is published for the benefit of the public, solely for purposes of information and to make the public aware of the general nature of certain subject matter the Town Council may consider at a future meeting. This publication is not intended to suggest that the measure will be adopted in this precise form, that it will be adopted with amendments, or that it will be adopted at all. Notwithstanding any amendments which may be made to this proposal by the Town Council it will not be published again before final enactment unless at least three Councilors vote to require such publication before final enactment.”