2023 Construction Projects

The following projects are scheduled to be completed in the 2023 Construction Season. This list is subject to change, please check the Project Updates page for project specific scheduling and status updates.

Please call the Engineering Department at (781) 794-8010 with any questions.

Roadway & Infrastructure Program

The following table shows the list of roads that are scheduled to be paved in 2023:
Roadway Limits Scope
Bradford Road Entire Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction
Central Avenue Entire Roadway Resurfacing
Commercial Street The Landing Area Roadway Resurfacing
Common Street Washington St to 387 Common St Pending Available Funding
Donata Road Entire Roadway Resurfacing
Elm Street 150 Elm St to 337 Elm St and 76 Adams St Roadway Resurfacing
Fern Road Entire Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction
Gordon Road Entire Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction
Hollingsworth Avenue West St to Weston Ave (Phase 1 of 3)  Sidewalk Reconstruction
Huntley Road Entire Roadway Resurfacing
John Mahar Highway Entire Pending Grant Funding
Liberty Street Holbrook Line to Peach St Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction
Liberty Street Grove St to Messina Woods Dr Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction
Marianne Avenue Entire Roadway Resurfacing
Pearl Street Entire Roadway Resurfacing
Railroad Street Neighborhood Entire Roadway and Sidewalk Reconstruction
Richardi Lane Entire Roadway Resurfacing

Water Projects

The following streets are schedule to have their watermain replaced:
Street Limits
Quincy Avenue Audubon Avenue to Hill Avenue

Sewer Projects 

Sewer Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Project, Years 9, 10 and 11:

Braintree performs sewer maintenance and repairs in a systematic two-year approach, the first year is an "investigation year" and includes cleaning and televising the inside of municipal sewer pipes which provides necessary system maintenance and identifies any issues that require further attention which can be addressed in the following "Rehabilitation Year". The rehabilitation work includes the lining of sewer pipes and manholes and sealing of joints and other defects with the goal of reducing the amount of groundwater infiltrating into the municipal sewer system. The majority of this work is trenchless and non-invasive, and often, residents will only see contractor vehicles parked in the middle of the street with access to the sewer system through manholes. This is a fairly expansive program that rehabilitates tens of thousands of feet of pipe in various sections of town. 

Miscellaneous Projects

Additionally, the following projects are scheduled to be completed this year:
Project Description