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Braintree "Trash Talk"

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Recycle Smart PartnerPlease Recycle Smart !

The Most Important Part of Recycling is YOU!

Contaminated Recycling = Increased Costs

Recycling should be loose - NOT in paper bags or plastic bags.

Click here for updated Recycling Information:MA DEP Mandate

Residential Information:

The Town of Braintree provides Trash/Recycling Services to the Single Family homes (up to 4 units), who pay the annual trash fee. 

Please be considerate of school age children, people walking and any residents having to use wheelchairs, and keep a path open on your sidewalks when you put your trash out.

Condominium/Apartment Information:

THE TOWN OF BRAINTREE DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY KIND OF TRASH SERVICE FOR CONDOMINUMS/APARTMENTS.  However, Recycling Services are available at the Residential Drop Off Center.   Click here to see what to Recycle 

Commercial/Business Information:

The Town of Braintree does not provide Trash or Recycling services for Commercial/Business residents.  

Curbside Pick-Up Reminders

Please remember, missed trash or recycling pick-ups, or to schedule a pick-up of appliances, call Sunrise Scavenger - Customer Service 617-361-8000. For appliances, a minimum notice of 2 to 3 working days is needed. Missed pick-ups should be called into Sunrise Scavenger within 24 hours.

Weekly Curbside Trash & Recycling Pickup SchedulesClip Art of Clock

Just a reminder...all trash and recycling needs to be placed curbside either the night before, or prior to 7 a.m. Collection time is subject to change due to a variety of reasons such as equipment problems.

Also, your carts should not be set out before 7:00 the night prior to the collection and carts should be removed from the curb within 24 hours of your set out