Braintree Emergency Management Agency


Braintree Emergency Management Agency (BEMA) has, in part, the following responsibilities: prepare and maintain Local, State and Federally approved Emergency Disaster plans; assist businesses and other departments within the town with developing contingency emergency plans; help locate and secure resources from within and outside the state; regularly execute and encourage drills to ensure the highest possible state of readiness; develop and maintain a volunteer group with appropriate training to assist in situations and disseminate information regarding disaster and emergency preparedness.

In Emergencies

Our agency's role in a major disaster is to coordinate with the state's emergency response. Most emergencies start and end at the local level and are handled by our fine police, fire and emergency medical personnel. BEMA only becomes involved when an emergency overwhelms our local and mutual aid resources and additional help is needed from the state and federal governments. At that time we will make a request for assistance from Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). MEMA will inform the Governor. The Governor then can direct the state emergency response and requests assistance from other states or the federal government.

BEMA members are also out around the town during storms and hurricanes. They will assist the Red Cross with our shelters in management of our residents, and help transport people during severe storms.