Drop-Off Center Services

                                                               WWW.BRAINTREEMA.GOV/RECYCLING  (781) 794-8088

257 Ivory Street (across from the Braintree T Station) Hrs: 7:15 am-2:45 pm

Open Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri &Sat (Closed Wed, Sun, holidays & severe weather)

RECYCLING:  Braintree Residents only with Trash Sticker or Proof of Residence

  • Acceptable recycling is food & beverage cans/plastic bottles, jars, jugs & tubs/glass bottles & jars.  Household batteries (A,B,C,D,9 Volt series can be put in the trash).
  • Additional acceptable items are mixed paper/magazines/newspaper/ flattened cardboard boxes, and metal items/rigid plastics/textiles/books(without hardback covers).


  • One visit per day
  • Trash Sticker MUST be affixed to front windshield, driver’s side – no exceptions….hand-held Trash Stickers cannot be accepted
  • Up to three (3), 65-gallon bags accepted at no charge (90 gallon bags not permitted)
  • *Construction & Demolition (C&D) material CANNOT be accepted…except up to three (3) bundles of tied wood, 3-4 ft in length (same rules as curbside)
  • **Mattresses CANNOT be accepted at the Recycling Center…..Curbside only.  Call Capitol Waste Services at 617-569-1718 at least one week in advance of these items being put out.  You will be scheduled for collection at that time.  Mattresses must be in a plastic bag (box spring bagging optional, but helpful).  Bags are available for $5. at Town Hall, Treasurer's Office, Water & Sewer Department, 85 Quincy Ave and Richmond Hardware, So. Braintree Square.  
  • ANY household material not bagged must pay an additional One-Load Permit Fee
  • (New Rate:  $30 per 300 lbs)……..All bags/containers subject to inspection

 *NOTE….C&D Includes: windows, doors, flooring, roof materials, fencing, pallets, toilets, etc.  – any non-household trash item per NEW, MA Dept. of Environmental Protection Regulations 

**NOTE….Curbside Collection for residents who pay the Trash Fee only, per NEW, MA Dept. of Environmental Protection Regulations

Additional Information:  www.braintreema.gov/recycling