Office of the Director


Our department has a number of land use responsibilities:

  • Routine zoning and subdivision permitting of residential and commercial structures, including rehabilitation and new development
  • Long-term land use and transportation planning
  • Wetland conservation matters including the preservation of open space and historical places
  • Development of housing programs
  • Floodplain mapping and management
  • Economic retention and development

In addition, our office also does a majority of the land use grant writing for the Town in these various areas.


In addition, we work in collaboration with other Town departments such as Engineering, Public Works and Inspectional Services on joint community and neighborhood projects throughout the Town. The department also works closely with our neighbors; the Towns of Weymouth, Holbrook, Randolph and the City of Quincy on various regional issues.

Community Development Staff

We also serve as staff to the Mayor’s office on initiatives being put forward relative to a variety of community development matters. The department provides technical assistance and information to other Town departments, citizens, and professionals.

Boards & Commissions

Staff to the following Boards / Commissions:

  • Braintree Community Preservation Committee (5 members)
  • Braintree Conservation Commission (7 members)
  • Braintree Historical Commission (5 members)
  • Braintree Planning Board (5 members and 1 alternate)
  • Braintree Zoning Board of Appeals (3 members and 2 alternates)


In addition to the mandated requirements of the Town Charter staff frequently represents Braintree on the following:

  • South Shore Coalition (MAPC regional subset)
  • Housing Consortium (Quincy-Weymouth-Holbrook-Milton)