Conservation Division

Conservation Commission & Staff

The Conservation Commission focuses on protection of resource areas such as wetlands and vernal pools, rivers and streams, and the wildlife that inhabits these areas. The Conservation Commission and Department Staff administer the Rules and Regulations of the State of Massachusetts as set forth by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), in the Wetlands Protection Act (WPA), 310 CMR 10, and the local Wetland By-Law. The Commission conducts public hearings for projects that are residential, commercial/business or municipal in nature that include activities within the Commission’s jurisdiction. Additionally, the Conservation Commission manages all Town conservation lands in order to protect and sustain these natural ecosystems for current and future generations to use and enjoy.

Other Functions

Other functions of the Department Staff include beautification, tree planting, maintaining the Town’s Open Space Plan and a variety of open space/passive recreation initiatives.

Atlantic White Cedar Swamp

Atlantic White Cedar Swamp

Conservation Commission Meetings