Patrol personnel of the Braintree Police Department are the primary responders to crimes, calls for service and assistance. Patrol Officers are required to respond to all types of calls, from barking dog complaints to more serious offenses. On average the Braintree Police respond to 25,000 calls per year.

Patrol Sectors

The town of Braintree is broken up into 7 different sectors. A patrol officer is responsible for each individual sector and a 7th sector, consisting of a three officer directed patrol located at the South Shore Plaza.  Police cruisers are equipped with medical kits including First Aid Supplies, Narcan, Oxygen Tank, CPR Equipment and an Automated Electronic Defibrillator or AED. All patrolman are trained in equipment including AEDs.

Impact & Selective Enforcement PatrolsMotorcycle

In addition, shifts are regularly augmented with impact and selective enforcement patrols. These selective enforcement patrols include OUI, speeding, distracted driving and seat belt enforcement funded through state grant programs year round.