School Committee


There shall be a school committee which shall consist of 7 members. Six of these members shall be nominated and elected by and from the voters of the town at large. The mayor shall serve, by virtue of office, as the seventh member of the school committee with all of the same powers and duties as the members elected by the voters as school committee members.

The school committee possesses the power to appoint a superintendent of the schools who shall be charged with day-to-day administrations of the school system, to make all reasonable rules and regulations for the management of the public school system, and to adopt/oversee the administration of an annual operating budget for the school department, subject to appropriation by the town council. The school committee shall also have general charge and superintendence of all school builds and grounds.


  • Lisa Fiske-Heger, Chairman
  • Kelly Cobb-Lemire, Vice Chairman
  • Karla Psaros, Recording Secretary
  • Charles C. Kokoros, Mayor
  • Thomas Devin 
  • Matthew Lynch 
  • Kathleen Tuffy 


  • Braintree Public Schools
    348 Pond Street
    Braintree, MA 02184

Contact Information

Call Braintree Public Schools at 781-380-0130 with questions.