Town Center Historic District

In early 2012 the Braintree Historical Commission proposed that the Town Center Historic District be enlarged by including two new properties. In 1980 the properties in question were privately owned and the owners declined to be included within the District. Since then, one property has fallen under the ownership of the Braintree Historical Society while the other is owned by the Town itself. As of recently, these two properties were added to the Historic District as the proposal to add them was successful.

Gallivan House

The Gallivan House sits between the French House and the Thayer House on Washington Street, across from Town Hall. The house was constructed in 1931 and was the residence of Dr. John J. Gallivan, a prominent physician in the area. The brick home is in the classic neo-colonial style with a large front center entrance.

Gallivan House

Dr. Gallivan

Dr. Gallivan was a prominent native of Braintree and his career was very well rounded. He was a WWI veteran; he served the staff of the South Shore Hospital in Weymouth as well as Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton. He also served as the Assistant Medical Examiner for Norfolk County.


Dr. Gallivan practiced medicine on the first floor of his home while he and his family lived on the second floor. The house remained within the Gallivan family until the 1960s when it was acquired by a dentist for use as a dental practice. In 2005 the house was purchased by the Braintree Historical Society and it is still awaiting interior and exterior renovations.

Mary S Bean Park

The Mary S Bean Park is a plot of land that was into a small leveled park by the Town in 1974. The park includes two small stone memorial benches, a pathway that circles a boulder in the center of the park, as well as assorted trees and plant life. The park was originally part of the French House property. In 1966 the French property was split into two lots, the French House lot and the park lot.

Mary S. Bean Park

The Barn Museum & Historical Resource Center

The French House would be purchased by Thayer Academy and subsequently given to the Braintree Historical Society. The second lot remained under the ownership of the French family until 1972, when it was acquired by Mary S Bean. Bean further divided this lot. One portion of the lot became the land that the Gilbert L. Bean Barn Museum and the Mary Bean Cunningham Historical Resource Center resides on. The other portion became the park lot. Mary S Bean would go on to sell the Barn Museum and Resource Center to the Historical Society for $1 and would sell the park to the Town for $1. The park was laid out by the Town afterwards and for a time it was maintained by the Town’s Gardeners’ Guild, but currently the park is in desperate need of maintenance.