Fee Schedule

Dog Licensing Fees

View the fees and schedule for dog licensing (PDF).

Business Fees

  • Business Certificate: $35
    Must be completed in person or notarized

Marriage License

  • Marriage Intention Filing: $25

Vital Records

  • Birth Certificate: $10
  • Marriage Certificate: $10
  • Death Certificate: $10
  • Burial Permit: Free
  • Affidavit and Correction of Death: $10

Voter Registration

  • Voter Registration Card: $3

Payments made by credit or debit card may be accessed additional costs

Printed Materials

Item Cost Notes
Resident Book - Braintree Resident
$10.00 Signature required
Resident Book - Non-Resident / Business
$15.00 Signature required
Photocopies $0.05 Per page
Zoning Appeals Decision
$20.00 n/a
Additional page of Zoning Appeals Decision
$1.00 Front page certified