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1. How can I get a ride?
2. How early or late can I get a ride?
3. My elderly family members need help and I can't get there every week to help. Is there any help out there for that issue?
4. My father is being released from a rehabilitation facility in two days. He will need a commode, a shower bench, wheelchair, etc. Where should we start looking for those items?
5. My parents need help with the housework, shopping, and rides. They tell their doctor they’re fine, but they’re not! I keep trying to help them. Is there someone I can talk to about their situation?
6. The house is getting to be too much for my parents to handle. What are their options for housing if they sell their home?
7. What towns will the van go to?
8. What types of volunteer positions are available?
9. What would be the hourly commitment that a volunteer would have to make?