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1. How do I qualify for membership in the Braintree Contributory Retirement System?
2. As an active member, can I borrow from my pension deductions?
3. What if I choose to no longer contribute the Braintree Contributory Retirement System? Can I stop my deductions at any time?
4. If there is a change in my marital status or if I move, are there any important forms that I need to complete at your office?
5. If I worked for the Commonwealth or in a Massachusetts municipality or county prior to my employment with Braintree, will my previous service time count towards my Braintree Retirement?
6. Will my employer find out if I make a retirement inquiry? When is my employer notified of my impending retirement?
7. Will my retirement allowance last for an indefinite period or will it cease after a determined amount of years?
8. Before I retire, should I visit the Social Security Office, and why?
9. How is my pension calculated?
10. As a retiree, if I live out of State for several months, should I notify the Retirement Office when I return?